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Ulan #61

Five years ago
1. Old general store
2. Church
3. Worker's cottage
4. Former general store
5. Where once there was a church and cottage
6. Current day worker's accomodation

Ulan is one town that doesn't appear to have benefited from the mining boom.  It is over the road from a big coal mine.  When we visited some years ago it was small and down at heel.  Just like so many of the towns in this region the old general store looked like it has long closed.  Over the road there was a neat little church and the aging but attractive workers cottage.  A school, hotel and small cluster of houses completed the scene.

Today the general store is smart and repurposed.  But over the road the land is bare! The school and hotel are still operating.


  1. Unfortunately the iPad will not open the slide show and I was looking forward to seeing the difference. Next time I'm on a computer I must check in.


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