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O'Connell #58

O'Connell started as a wayside point on the road between Sydney and Bathurst. It is still a pleasant spot to linger. The hotel is always busy, the old Catholic church serves as a Bed and Breakfast, the tennis court looks like it has had busier days. It's the home town of Fish River Roasters so if you are looking for a good cup of coffee stop by at the cafe next door.


  1. So what number are you up to now?

  2. This's blogging from an iPad is for the birds but we are on the road and I,m determined Tito master it. I was trying to say that it would be nice if you put the number of the town visited in with the title

    1. I have been keep a running count in the margin of the blog but I guess you are seeing the posts in a feed reader and missing this. I will include the town number in future posts.


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