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Wallerawang #43

1. Wallerawang Power Station
2. Wallerawang Royal Hotel
3. Old railway station
4. Storage sheds by the railway line
5. Lake Wallace

Wallerawang began as a staging point on the road to the west. The railway which reached Lithgow in the 1869 and Wallerawang in 1870 helped develop the town.  Until the line extended to Bathurst, some six years later, passengers alighted at Wallerawang to join Cobb & Co coaches for their onward journey.

Oil shale, coal mining and power generation have sustained the town since then.  The power station which began operation in 1957 has been instrumental in developing the western coal fields. A little further up the road is the newer Mount Piper Power Station, built in 1990.

Power generation requires water and Lake Wallace provides this, as well as being a lovely local amenity.