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Lithgow #42

1. Lithgow City Welcome Sign
2. Blast Furnace Park
3. Workers cottages
4. Hassans Walls lookout
4. State Mine Heritage Park
5. The big miners lamp

Lithgow is a small city (population 21,000) built on an industrial  base.  The city of proud of its tradition which is brought to life at Blast Furnace Park (site if an old steel mill), the State Mine Heritage Park (old coal mine) and the Small Arms Museum.  Today, there is still plenty of industry with coal mines and large power stations in the area.

Located in a very scenic location at the edge of the Blue Mountains, Lithgow is a modern and house proud city -- Australia's Tidiest Town in 2011.

Lithgow is fascinating and attractive place to visit which may surprise, given its industrial backdrop. The intercity trains visit many times each day so give yourself a treat and come out for the ride.


  1. It would be nice if half your 100 towns could develop into towns like Lithgow. I have a friend who lives there and is into crafts , especially dolls.

    1. Maybe not half of them ... we'd end up with suburbanised rural ... like they way previously rural areas like Parramatta, Penrith, Liverpool etc have all joined up into one huge city.

  2. But Lithgow has such a terrible reputation, here in the big smoke. I went up there for IronFest a couple of years ago, but did not get to see much of the township.

    1. A truly underserved reputation. It's a nice place.


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