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Ilford #49

1. Old roadhouse, Ilford
2. Stone house
3. School sign
4. Church 1
5. Church 2
6. Church 3

Ilford has three churches so must have had the population to support these at some time in its past.  It was a stagecoach stop and served as a busy staging point for rural goods.  It was also on one of the roads to the gold diggings though gold was not found around Ilford.

It's decline started when the railway bypassed the town.  The station called Ilford was some 12kms away (later becoming Clandulla).  There a some houses and a closed roadhouse and cafe adding to the sense of a place well past it's prime but the school is alive and well with 28 students.


  1. I know this happens to towns especially when the railway stops being used, but I still feel sad for the towns and the people.


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