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Garra #34

1. Former church, Garra
2. Another former church
3. Home that look like it might have been a school
4. Abandoned dwelling

Today Garra it is a small community with evidence of a bigger past with substantial church buildings.  It was not on the railway route and doesn't appear to have had gold mining so probably existed to serve the farming community or as a staging post.

The one claim to fame I found was that Charles Henry Packham the breeder of the Packham pear had his orchard in the area and that he is buried at the Garra cemetery.

Garra is off the beaten track, a sleepy hollow that is likely to remain that way.


  1. Really! The Packham pear. Well I never! My father used to swear by the PP. Not for him the delights of a Beurre Bosc, or a Corella, or a Williams, or a Nashi.


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