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Cumnock #36

1. Royal Hotel, Cumnock
2. Old bank
3. Old shop
4.  Animals on bikes promotion
5. One of the animals on bikes
6. Another animal on bike

Cumnock (population 288) is a small town with a big sense of fun and enterprise.  They were the first to start the $1 farmhouse rental scheme made famous by the recent ABC documentary of a similar scheme at Trundle.

The community also inspired the Animals on Bikes trail of paddock art which runs from Molong to Dubbo and now has over 100 whimsical creations to surprise and delight,

The grain silo stands sentinel beside a railway line that is closed, the historic buildings have seen better days but this is community of today.


  1. Now here is something I struggle with. Community, a sense of 'community' is lauded by one and all as being essential to human happiness and connectivity. Small towns remain houses, until a sense of community converts houses into homes, and neighbours into friends.

    Yet down here, in the big smoke, we have a Lord Mayor who thinks of her city as a 'city of villages' and yet is pilloried for it.

    Please explain. Not you necessarily, Joan. But anyone.


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