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Trunkey Creek #23

1. Town welcome sign
2. Former hotel
3. One of the churches in the town
4. Black stump Hotel - said to serve a good Sunday lunch
5. Tumble down cottage
6. Workshop
7. Another old Cottage
8. General store

Interestingly Trunkey Creek only got its current name in 2003, though it has been known by this name by locals for many many years.  Before that it was just Trunkey and before that, as recently as 1988 it was called Arthur, the name it had for over 100 years. Trunkey is said to have come from a nickname for an old prospector or shepherd who had a very long nose.

The town existed as a rural town before becoming a mining town with the discovery of reef gold in the late 1860s. Today is it in the heart of sheep country producing some of Australia's finest merino wool.

It is a living but somewhat crumbling town with some modern facilities.  It is fascinating in that its history is on show, untouched.  Visit soon, before it falls down.

View the location of Trunkey Creek on the map.