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Spring Hill #26

1. Old shop opposite the railway 
2. Railway hotel

Spring Hill was essentially a village servicing the farming community.  The railway line pushed through from Blayney to Orange went through Spring Hill.  Old buildings still face the railway line but the Railway station was removed in 1988.

Spring Hill continues as neat and tidy community close to the city of Orange.

View the location of Spring Hill on the map.


  1. It must have been fun visiting all these towns. I had no idea there were so many in that area.

  2. I guess someone bought the old railway station building. I am surprised this has not happened more, although the removal costs must be massive.

    See once again the rule of thumb prevails. The old shops are disused, but the pub continues. People will continue to pay for experiences, but are up to the gunnels with buying 'stuff'.

  3. umm ... pssst ... you haven't actioned Forest Reefs over there ...


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