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Rockley #28

1. Entrance to Rockley
2. School of Arts
3. Millstone at the Rockley Flour Mill Museum
4. Summer garden
5. Wier on Peppers Creek beside Stephen's Park, used as a swimming hole
6. Old Bank cafe and guest accommodation

Rockley was first sighted in 1813 by Lawson (of Blaxand, Lawson and Wentworth  fame) and the first land in the area was granted to him.  Though the land that the town took its name from was granted in 1829. It was one of the earliest inland towns with town status being gazetted in 1851.

Copper was found in the district in 1840s and followed by gold causing the town to grow to a population of 3,000.  It's prosperity being reflected in the substantial buildings that still stand today.

In the early 1900s the mines closed and the town began to dwindle, leaving the lovely buildings untouched. The entire town today is listed by the national trust and is well equipped for visitors with hotel, cafe, active churches, school, police station and museum

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