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Newbridge #19

1. Gladstone Hotel Newbridge
2. Old shop opposite railway line
3. Another old shop around the corner
4. Newbridge post office and war memorial
5, Building beside post office
6. Street entering the town.

Newbridge is a railway town.  While there were already significant properties in the area before the train arrived its real growth began from when the railway line destined for Blayney went through the area in 1876.

See the location of Newbridge on the map.


  1. It would be good if a community could move in and freshen it up and get it pumping with life again. Maybe an artists haven.

  2. That other old shop around the corner has very new CI roofing in that wonderful bull-nose style.

    1. Yes a number of the buildings appear to have been maintained - which led to my comment on the SW post -- it looked like it was about to make it as a tourist town but somehow stumbled.


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