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Neville #21

1. General store Neville
2. Old home
3. Presbyterian Church
4. Neville Public School
5. The siding tourist accomodation
6. War Memorial
7. Neville Hotel

Neville is a neat unassuming place with a pub but the general store which was operating last time I visited is up for sale and looks like it is closed.  It has tourist accommodation called the Neville Siding with railway carriages and railway memorabilia.  The funny thing is that unlike nearly every town we have visited this one was never on a railway line!

See the location of Neville on the map.


  1. Which begs the question, who was Neville? Interesting how many of these little places had either Presbyterian or Methodist leanings. It takes grit to make a go of these areas.

    1. I tried to find out but none of the websites seems to identify Neville. The town was known as Mt Macquarie for a long time.


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