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Millthorpe #25

1.  Millthorpe streetscape
2. Antique shop
3. One of several great eating places

Millthorpe is a great little town so I was disappointed to find that my archive photos have gone missing so I must go back one day and add to these images.

Millthorpe was essentially a rural town that benefited from the large number of people who moved into the area during the gold rush.  In the 1880s a flour mill was established in the area, eventually leading to the town being named Millthorpe.  Another important development was them winning the battle to have a railway station built in that same period.

Using the railway they were able to transport flour, chaff and potatoes to the market in Sydney. It was during this prosperous time the town's main buildings formed. But as the 20th century arrived things changed. Chaff was no longer needed and the grain industry and potato market moved elsewhere. The town almost died and its buildings empty.

But the lovely untouched historic buildings were perfect for the next century with its interest in tourism, food and wine. The town is once again a vibrant place with a population of around 700 people. I am sure you will enjoy a visit.

See the location of Millthorpe on the map.


  1. Ahh ... yes. I remember those hydrangeas and how taken Letty was with them. I love the Nugget advert ... well the ambience it creates.

    I have lost a whole bunch of photos too. In the process of backing them up so that I did not lose them ... I lost them! Still hoping that I have simply misplaced them ... but my heart is heavy.


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