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Carcoar #24

1. Carcoar village streetscape
2. Carcoar Post Office
3. Museum in the convict built stables of the Stoke Hotel
4. Cellar door of the Stoke Hotel
5. Grounds of the Stoke House Cafe with railway in the background.
6. Outside the Bridge Tea Rooms
7. Royal Hotel
8. Car in garage
9. Home
10. Old shop
11. War memorial

Carcoar, which officially became a town in 1839, is the third oldest town west of the Blue Mountains.  It started as an administrative centre with a court house to provide law and order to the fertile farming district.  Later minerals added wealth to the town.

The train arrived in the late 1880s and the town continued as a major centre until its slow decline when the railway closed, the highway bypassed it and the court house closed.  It could have become a forgotten town but for its beautifully preserved history.

It is a delightful town to visit, an attractive tourist town. If you are driving to Cowra you can see it from the highway.  Do yourself a favour and call in for a visit.

View the location of Carcoar on the map.


  1. It does look wonderfully preserved, Joan. Just delightful. Like a fair bit of rural Victoria.

  2. Love the old Vauxhall in the garage. It looks a neat town.


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