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Blayney #20

1. Blayney environs
2. Fly-in-fly-out miners
3. Busy main street, even though it's Sunday
4. Royal Hotel
5. Railway container terminal

Blayney is a prosperous town with a population of around 3000 people.

In 1837 the area where the town came to be had a mill, an inn and several houses. It got a nudge along when gold was found in the region, resulting in the many history villages found in the area today.
With the arrival of the railway in the 1870s the town flourished further. The railway is now the location for a container terminal and is also visited daily by the Sydney to Dubbo XPT passenger service.

Today the town benefits from nearby gold mining operations and other industries which have been attracted to establish in the area as well as from the rural economy.  There is also a wind farm outside the town.

See the location of Blayney on the map.


  1. Not sure that the Sydney to Dubbo XPT is train all the way. Get confused which is train and which is bus. Which is electric and which is diesel.

    1. The Sydney to Dubbo XPT is train all the way there and back every day. It has diesels front and back.

      There are additional CountrylLink bus services that run from Lithgow to Bathurst and Mudgee.

  2. Ahha ... so many of these larger places are accessible. There are some bus tours that i have seen as well.


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