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Barry and Hobbys Yards #22

1. Old shed at Barry
2. Uniting Church Cemetery, Hobbys Yards

Barry and Hobbys Yards are old towns that today are a cluster of houses, not dead but not fully serviced towns either.

I thought Hobbys Yards was an interesting name so investigated.  It's named after Lieutenant Thomas Hobby of the NSW Corps (1797  - 1808) who was second in charge to Cox for building the road over the Blue Mountains to Bathurst, then he took up farming.

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  1. Is Lt Thomas Hobby buried in this cemetery by any chance?

  2. Not that I know if. There is no mention of this in any of the historic info I have read.

  3. Hobby and his wife did not have any children, however he did have three children to his house servant Mary Rope. The eldest child Thomas Jnr was raised by Hobby and Ann, the other two children Eleanor and George lived with their mother and grandparents until Mary married John Tobin Ryan in 1817. Hobby acknowledged all of his children.

    He died in Richmond in 1833. But I cannot locate a cemetery.


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