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Yetholme #16

1. Church at Yetholme
2. Home with creative studio

Yetholme was first known as Frying Pan. As the story goes this was because of the frying pan that was left on the wall of hut for use by passers by. Yetholme was declared as a parish in 1896 by which time it was a popular tourist resort.

Today it is bypassed by the highway so rests as an attractive little hideaway among the pine trees, a small town with a church, neat community hall and picnic areas plus a range of dwellings including accommodation and art galleries.

View the location of Yetholme on the map.


  1. I'm glad they changed the name. Love the last shot.

  2. Hah! Not me, Diane. I so much prefer 'Frying Pan' and its yarn. The 'new' name is too tidied up and oh so English.


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