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Perthville #17

1. Bridge Hotel at Perthville
2. Farming near Perthville
3. The bridge

Being just 12 kms outside Bathurst, Perthville seems almost a suburb but retains the characteristics of a country town with a pub, general store and school. The railway line is active with freight trains but they don't stop at Perthville any more.

There is also a church and the Bathurst Diocese Mother House of the Sisters of St Joseph, the order foundered by Australia's saint Mary Mackillop. Today it is a pilgrimage site and Josephite Centre.

Perthville was originally gazetted as Perth but after federation had its name changed to Perthville to avoid confusion with the Western Australian capital city.  This town seems to be a rare case of not being a gold mining town in this region.  It was a stopping off point for bullockies and coach travellers. 

View the location of Perthville on the map.


  1. My what big headlights that tractor has. I should think that bullocky link with strike a gleam in your eyes.


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