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Peel #14

1. Peel Church
2. Home
3. Tennis Court

I wonder if the bell at the church still peals at Peel.  The town (population around 100)which is just 19kms outside the city of Bathurst is a cluster of homes and churches. I understand that the Catholic Church is now a private home. Like most of these towns it seems to have popped on the map in the 1850-60s but it is not clear to me whether it started as a mining town or a service town on the route to the goldfields. There was a reef mine in the area at some time but in 1866 the population was just 250 people so it was not one of those boom towns where tens of thousands of miners gathered.

View the location of Peel on the map.


  1. But was founded during the period that Sir Robert Peel took charge of the English constabulary ... tennis courts are essential to the health of a country town, as is the CWA ...


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