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Meadow Flat #11

1. Meadow Flat environs
2. Community hall
3. War memorial 
4. School

Meadow Flat has a string of houses old and new along its single street.  Why did it come into being, was it ever more of a town than it is today?  I don't know.  It is on an intersection of roads and is nicely placed halfway between the cities of Lithgow and Bathurst, perhaps that has something to do with it. Today around 40 students attend the school, the community hall is maintained (they were mowing the lawn the day we were there) and a rural fire service shed is in place. A pleasant rural spot within easy commuting distance to bigger places.

See where Meadow Flat is on the map.


  1. Sounds pleasant. 40 kids at school is okay for a small school.

  2. Yes, my thought, too. Forty kids is a lot of kids in a small school.

  3. Strange ... I have already read this post, and left a comment ... but on my listing on the right here, it shows up in bold, meaning I have not visited ... oh well ...

    Better add Beneree to your Locality, and Tallwood to your TownCount ... just sayin'!


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