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Limekilns #13

1. Former Rising Sun Inn
2. Old boiler - historic relic
3. Another view of the Rising Sun, now Rosedale
4. Old farm shed

There is no town at Limekilns today.  Even in the heyday of these towns during the gold rush, back in 1866 is was just a little place with a population of 270, a post office and one hotel the Rising Sun which still stands today.

In the 1870s a Roman Catholic Church was built here but as early as the 1900s it had fallen into disuse so was moved to Sofala in 1913 and later moved to Wattle Flat. I guess this explains what happened to some of the buildings in these old towns that have disappeared.

See the location of Limekilns on the map.


  1. When I was a kid - more recent than the 1870s - I would often see houses on the back of trucks as we travelled narrow country roads.

    I like the 'old farm shed' in this collection. The side of the wall showing the construction method. Maslow posited that one of man's basic needs was 'shelter'.


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