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Bathurst #15

1. Bathurst Court House
2. Spring garden display near the War Memorial
3. Bathurst city street
4. Attractive old housing
5. St Stephen's Church
6. Mount Panorama race circuit
7. The Royal Agricultural Show
8. Historic Abercrombie House
9. Charles Sturt University

Bathurst is Australia's oldest inland settlement, a modern city with an historic past.  With a population of 34,000 today it is a busy regional centre serving the rural community. It also has a strong manufacturing base, government departments and a university.

The 1850s gold rush started in this area. Substantial historic buildings built with the wealth from that time are visible throughout the city.

It is a popular tourist destination with the famous Mount Panorama race track is easily spotted by the name emblazoned on the mountain. There is an old Royal Hotel (now renamed) which I am still to locate  and photograph.

It is an attractive, accessible city and a great base for exploring the countryside for those that prefer city comforts.

See the location of Bathurst on the map.


  1. Its a neat little town. We enjoyed a ride around the race circit in a bus???? The car museum was fun too.
    I love your big collection of Royal Hotels and it is good to see you have others to contribute. Funnily enough I haven't noticed any Royals on our trips as I'm often on the lookout thinking to add to your collection. Maybe I don't concentrate hard enough.

  2. Bathurst is on my 'bucket list'. I suppose many would find that sad ...

    Apropos 'Royals' ... I have one in my sights, just have to take that unusal (for me) bus ride ....


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