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Wellington #4

1. Sculpture at the gateway to the town
2. Post Office
3. War Memorial
4. Lion of Waterloo Hotel
5. Grain silos
6. Macquarie River
7. Streetscape

The modern sculpture at the entrance of Wellington, near the famous Wellington Caves, is not exactly characteristic of the town. This is a classic larger Western NSW town with a population of around 4,600. Attractive well kept two story municipal buildings, palm lined streets and an elegant town park with a more ornate then most the war memorial are testament to days of wealth and prosperity fed by gold, and the produce of rich farmland.  The Lion of Wellington hotel established in the 1840s boasts to be the oldest operating hotel west of the Blue Mountains.

Like so many of these inland towns grain silos stand by the railway line which reached Wellington in 1880 and is still visited daily by the Sydney-Dubbo XPT service. After a brief stop the XPT rumbles across the railway bridge over the beautiful Macquarie River

While in more recent years Wellington has been overtaken by Dubbo and Orange it is still a vibrant commercial centre and a very pleasant place to spend a weekend, as we have done on several occasions and are always happy to return.

The Lion of Wellington is located at Monteflores which was an old Cobb and Co staging post on the other side of the river. Today is is pretty much considered part of Wellington so another name I can cross off the list.

See where Wellington is on the map


  1. Look at that flowering tree behind the Lion of Waterloo sign.
    You are SO making me want to buy a caravan and go exploring.

  2. Yes, the tree is very pretty. I had not noticed them before that trip but have seen them a lot since. Check out this post Spring bells

  3. Oh it's beautiful up close.
    I've never seen one before.

  4. I like Wellington as I can remember going there for a swimming carnival when I was a member of the Mudgee swim team.

  5. So there seems to be categories of town based upon small increments in population. Certainly by the time a town reaches 4,600 it looks very handsome indeed.

    I must hunt out a history of Cobb & Co. I saw one of their restored mail wagons at the show.

    1. I found this site here it has helped inform some of my commentary on towns in this area.

  6. Yes, I had found that site, too. Fascinating ... the rise in Victoria and the fall in Queensland. Must get me a book and trawl Bathurst.


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