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Stuart Town #7

1. Stuart Town welcome sign
2. Old shop
3. Old bakery
4. Hotel (not Royal)
5. School of Arts
6. War Memorial
7. Railway platform

Stuart Town, which started with an 1870s gold rush, was first known as Ironbarks, made famous in the Banjo Paterson poem "The Man from Ironbark". Old shops still stand, now serving new purposes. There is a working pub and general store and a railway station visited daily by the Western Line XPT passenger service. Today its population of around 300 serves the local rural community - wheat, sheep and orchards. It is a bit of backwater which has left much of its old town quaintness intact for rust and ghost sign lovers to enjoy.

See where Stuart Town is on the map.


  1. Oh, how I wish they had retained the name 'Ironbark'. I was reading (performing really) that to my father right up until well-nigh the end.

    Stuart Town ... Sir Charles I suppose ...

  2. Just thought ... no ... he was Charles Sturt ...


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