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Sofala #1

1. Sofala Main Street
2. Old cottage
3, General Store
4. Mural depicting Sofala's mining history
5. Odd fellows hall
6. One of many attractive old buildings
7, Sofala Royal Hotel
8. Back yard shed
9. Old shop now being spruced up
10. The spruce up job
11. Sofala from the Ilford-Bathurst Road

Sofala is the oldest surviving gold-rush town in Australia. The rush in the area began when Edward Hargraves discovered gold in 1851 and took just a few months for thousands of people to set up mining operations in the valley. Fossickers can still find gold in the river.

Today with a population of just 280 people the town survives on its history. The main street is bordered by many original two-storey wooden gold rush buildings giving it a unique aged character. A great place to visit and explore. Well prepared for tourists.

See Sofala's location on the map


  1. Isn't that double storey building beautiful?

  2. Yes it is but each time I visit it seems to be getting a little more run down. I hope someone stops the decay sometime soon ... but doesn't spruce it up too much.


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