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Obley #3

1. Map of Obley as it was
2. Old building still standing 
3. Newer building
4. War Memorial

Obley is what I call a "relic town". It had all the town things - a school, churches, butchers, bakers, general store, post office, police station, community hall, two hotels (including a Royal Hotel) and like all towns sent their young men to war. 13 went and 5 didn't come home. They say the police station and community hall remain as private residences but all the rest of the buildings are gone.

It was a camping ground for teamsters and there was a nearby gold and copper mine. The railway passed Obley by, going instead through Yeoval where the gradients were not as steep. So the town dwindled to nothing but its young men are remembered.

See Obley's location on the map.


  1. You're a fair way from home, young lassie.

    See those two sheets of unused CI? What a temptation ...

    Not that the soldiers are so much remembered, but rather memorialised.

    I wonder what 'Gullengambel' referred to? A shire perhaps ...

  2. I suspect it is the name of a rural property. There is certainly a merino stud of that name now but it is more modern than this map. There is road called Gullengambel road which means it could also be the name of another settlement now long gone.

    The web gave me no other clues.

    We're about 3.5 hours drive from home. Though we visited here when going for a long drive over the Easter weekend a few years ago.

  3. The word reminds me of Gulargumbone. Must be an indigenous dialect.

  4. Gulargumbone is one of my absolute favourite town names. It is outside the area we are covering here but I have made up my mind I must visit and photograph it one day.


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