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Mumbil #6

1. Mumbil General Store
2. Houses in the town
3. Community Hall
4. War memorial outside the community hall
5. Rural fire brigade setting up for weekend exercises
6. Nearby Lake Burrendong

Mumbil began it's growth when the train arrived in 1879. It had a busy period during the construction of Burrendong Dam which began in 1946, then settled into its small town existence.  It is a low rise town with a school, general store, pub and a good sized cluster of straggly country houses along meandering streets. Community spirit is evident in a neatly kept community hall and active rural fire service.  The sign at the entrance to the town boasts of the annual Black Wattle festival which seemed rather odd until I found the name Mumbil derives from the aboriginal word for Black Wattle.

As the nearest town to Lake Burrendong it serves as a place for campers to replenish supplies and grab a drink at the pub. There is a big camping ground at the Lake. Now the big drought is over it might be worth a weekend stay - the lake is filling up nicely and the ground is no longer dry dust.

See the location of Mumbil on the map.


  1. Looks a great place for camping...the lake I mean. It should keep the little town alive.

  2. The style of that plaque indicates to me that the memorial is funded by the Office of War Graves. Stands to reason, I suppose ...


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