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Mullion Creek #9

1. Mullion Creek Village sign
2. School
3. Community hall
4. Community hall interior
5. St Brendan's church
6. Mullion Creek environs

Mullion Creek is a very small town 19kms from the city of Orange. The school's website says that it serves the local district and children from Orange whose parents have learnt the value of a small school. With only 34 students the school is certainly small but looks prosperous and the town is very neat and tidy.

St Brendan's church in the centre of the town was built in the 1930s and is said to have an interior the belies the rustic simplicity of its exterior.  I didn't see inside but I did peep through the windows of the community hall.  The church puzzled me because it has a very new cemetery in its grounds - the first burial was in 2007.

Mullion Creek is perhaps better known as being the gateway to the relics of the goldfields at Ophir where Australia's first payable gold was found.

See where Mullion Creek is located on the map.


  1. The community hall interior is a great shot.

  2. Typo in regards the interior and exterior of the church.

  3. The cemetery is new as they only recently (2007) got council approval for a cemetery there, before that they would have to use the cemeteries at March where I have family buried. Also currently investigating the Community Hall, there is/was a hall in Mullion Creek called Miller's hall which once belonged to my 2 x great uncle. Checking if it is now the hall referred to as the Community Hall.


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