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The towns

How big does a place have to be to be a town? Sometimes they used to be and no longer exist. Other times they appear to have never been more than a locality. Until I go and have a look I won’t know. Some maps list places that others don’t show. So I decided to pick a map, draw a border around the area I wanted to explore and write down the names that were beside the dots. There are 150 names listed here. Some will certainly prove to be nothing more than a signpost to someplace else and I will cross them off the list, and maybe there are towns that have been missed on the map I used. In the end I am sure we will get to 100. I will mark them in bold and provide the link once I have visited them and posted their photos.

Here is the list of tags I am applying to the towns and my definition.  I may add to this as I go along.

City - A large regional centre with a population of 10,000+ people.
Large Town - A big vibrant town with a population in the thousands
Town - somewhere between a large and small town.  I would expect to find shops, a school, churches, police, rural fire service, community hall and several streets of houses.
Small Town - A town with limited infrastructure such a small primary school, general store, church, community hall and some streets of houses
Village or community - A cluster of houses and possibly town infrastructure such as general store or school that is no longer open. Sometimes such communities exist on the edge of a larger town now using that town for their services.
Ghost town - an old town with unoccupied buildings remaining (I am not aware of any ghost towns in this region)
Relic town - Was once a town but the buildings and infrastructure is gone. Just shadows of the past remain.
Locality - A location where it is hard to find any evidence of a town or community, past or present

Gold town - a town that came into being during the 1850s gold rushes.
Railway town - a town on a railway line (past or present)
Mining town - a town supporting mining industry (past or present)
Farming town - a town servicing the local rural community
Grain town - a town with grain silos.

Royal Hotel - the town has or had a Royal Hotel.


  1. Did you find either a Ghost Town or a Relic Town?

    1. Good question. I will go through and fix up the labels for all of the towns.

      Certainly a couple of Relic towns. I think Hartley is the closest to a ghost town.


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