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Euchareena #8

1. Dray in paddock
2. Petrol bowser at old general store
3. Euchareena home
4. Modern community hall
5. In better shape than this building
6. Local church

When I first blogged about Euchareena I wrote "Euchareena is like a town that stopped. This dray isn't in a museum, it's in the paddock near the house, just as if one day they parked the dray, put the horse out the pasture and time stood still."

The town's growth is said to have been spurred along by the arrival of the railway, though I don't think it ever grew big. The station was closed around 40 years ago. Today there are about 20 houses, a modern community centre, school, church and rural fire service building. The kind of place passed through on the way from somewhere to somewhere else but a pleasant place for locals to live.

View Euchareena's location on the map.


  1. The dray in the paddock has to be from not long after WW1, I should think. I love that style of house, and should think that a collector will spirit away the petrol bowser pretty soon.


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