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Dripstone #5

1. Dripstone house
2. Old stone building now a shed
3. Landscape
4. Rural Fire Service
5. Church of St Agnes of the Springs

Today Dripstone is a small cluster of houses beside a disused railway station. The railway reached this location in 1880, then known as the Springs. I don't know why this town came into being, whether the town grew because of the train or whether the train came because there was already a town. Perhaps the springs had something to do with it. There are apparently a large number of springs in the district and nearby is a large rock which is always oozing water, leading to the name Dripstone which it took on in 1890.

Either way this small community still lives with occupied houses and a rural fire service.  The rural setting is pleasant but unremarkable.  Most fascinating to me is the old church 1km down the road from the main town. Apparently it closed in the 1960s and is now a picturesque, melancholy shell.

View the map to see where Dripstone is located.


  1. Did you go inside the church for a squiz?
    Love the little stone building - especially the work over the door and windows.

  2. No i didn't go inside the church. The gate is locked. I love abandoned places but rarely feel the urge to explore ... I am cautious about unstable stonework, crumbling floorboards and creepy crawlies. I remember exploring an old place in SA once and nearly stood on a snake ... learnt a lesson.

  3. The old stone building looks as though it has a double skin. The outside of granite blocks and the inside of layered brickwork. That granite is very unusual for NSW, am I right?

    1. I agree stone of this type doesn't seem to be common.


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