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Cudal #2

1. Cudal cultural centre
2. Old garage
3. Old shop
4. Royal Hotel Cudal
5. War Memorial
6. Canola fields

Cudal, population 380, serves the local farming community. Wool, fat lambs, cattle, wheat and canola are the main produce in the area. While there are shops that have seen better days it has full small town infrastructure and is a pleasant spot to visit when touring this rather attractive rural area. And if you are looking for accommodation I believe the Royal Hotel can put you up.

See Cudal's location on the map


  1. The Egan family suffered during the Boer War. I bet those parents were never the same again. A pale imitation of a life.

    Now that double-fronted shop says 'Established 1875' but 'Erected 1900'. Maybe it was a tent in between. However, the really astounding thing is that the Royal was not established/erected until 1914. Can't have been the original pub in the town then.

    I will come back again Monday evening as the map was not working, and I like to get the lay of the land.

  2. I just love those canola fields.

  3. The map says there is an airport out at Cudal. I wonder why.

  4. Maybe local flying enthusiasts - probably not much more than a flat paddock.


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