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I was sitting at the Railway Station Cafe in Kandos, flipping through the Discover Central NSW newspaper while I waited for my lunch to arrive.  In so doing I came across a map and began to mentally tick off the places I had been and the places I would like to visit.   I like lists and ticking things off.  I like visiting towns just to see what’s there and to say I’ve been there, especially towns west of the Blue Mountains where I live.  And so the idea of 100 towns was born
This is more of a gallery than a blog.  A collection of images from the towns I have visited sometimes at different times and different seasons.  It doesn’t seek to be documentary of the town or its people, it’s just images of the things that interested me. Followers of my blogs know that I like old more than new, that I like to photograph Royal Hotels, have a thing about forests, hay and the water level of dams and am rather fond of little country churches.  So if I have not shown your town in the best light because of this please forgive me.
Also, while the pace may be slower in the country than the city the towns do change.  These images were collected over a 5 year period so some things may no longer exist or have been renovated beyond recognition.
If you are interested in the journey more than the destination visit my blogs Sweet Wayfaring and Blue Mountains Journal.


  1. What a wonderful, wonderful idea!
    I LOVE the part of the world you have chosen to document.
    And you are right! Who would have thought there were 100 towns in that little area?


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